Employer Costs for Employee Compensation

Did you know the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics releases quarterly data on how much it costs an employer to employ one person? This data is available for the U.S. and its four main regional divisions. Nine separate regional subsets are also available, including East South Central which is comprised of Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. The data is for private, non-farm employment.

Data for the June 2019 reference period were collected from a probability sample of approximately 26,500 occupational observations selected from a sample of about 6,400 private industry establishments and approximately 7,900 occupational observations selected from a sample of about 1,400 state and local government establishments that provided data at the initial interview.


Check out the latest release here: https://www.bls.gov/regions/southwest/news-release/employercostsforemployeecompensation_regions.htm#ECEC_Regions_Chart1_2019June